rosemary edghill: extras


These are things that don't fit elsewhere: deleted scenes, outlines (for things that, of course, turned out quite differently than the outline), extra material, original book proposals, "stylesheets", and other associated material.


Pitches, proposals, and first chapters -- some for books that sold, some for books that will never see the light of day.

Borrowers of the Moon: This is the first chapter of the first book in a Young Adult series (which I am probably not now going to finish) about the Wiccan daughter of Wiccan parents growing up in a small town in Indiana. It is meant to be an accurate, naturalistic look at real-life "Teen Witches", and the real problems they face balancing their spirituality and the secular world in which their religion is much misunderstood. I won't say 'ripped from tomorrow's headlines,' but believe me, I was really tempted....

A Heart for Every Fate: This is the original proposal for the book that became Shadow of Albion, written with Andre Norton. Though it changed significantly to its final form, you can still see the seeds.

The Cloak of Night and Daggers: The proposal for book 3 of the Twelve Treasures series. (See also the outline, below.)

Met by Moonlight: A different style of proposal, concentrating slightly more on the characters.

Project Files

Every writer I know has a different process (some for each book!), but even long before I first set pen to paper, I was fascinated by the actual craft of writing: how you wrangle all of the ideas floating around in your head into an actual workable manuscript. These are some of the bits and scraps of how I work. Who knows, they may prove useful to someone; if not, they're certainly interesting to compare against the final product...

Stylesheet for The Cup of Morning Shadows, the second of the Twelve Treasures books. A stylesheet is invaluable -- not only to remind you what you named so-and-so's sister three books or three hundred pages back, but also to leave notes for the copyeditor.

Outline for The Cloak of Night and Daggers, the third of the Twelve Treasures books. The outline is, of course, the rough sketch of what you think you might be writing. The book often has other plans.