rosemary edghill: stylesheet for "The Cup of Morning Shadows"

Stylesheet for the Cup of Morning Shadows

(Things marked with a * are real-world things; all others are fictional)


Ruth Marlowe (light blue eyes, long brown hair, early thirties) Lady Ruth to Melior (sometimes), Ruthie to Fox, Miss Marlowe to Nic, and Heruthane to Jausserande

Nicodemus (Nic) Brightlaw, Director of the Ryerson Memorial Library of Ippisiqua New York. (blond hair, bright blue eyes, 6'4" and muscular) Formerly "Saint" Nic: Sergeant Nicodemus Brightlaw of the US Army Special Forces in Viet Nam

Penny Canaday (brown eyes, brown hair, mid-thirties) chief librarian at the Ryerson

Katy Battledore (blond hair, brown eyes, 5'2", deep voice) Penny's clerk at the Ryerson

*Lauren Bacall (movie actress)

*Shirley Temple (movie actress)

Rohannan Melior of the House of the Silver Silences, Marchlord and Swordwarden, The Rohannan of Line Rohannan, Baron Rohannan, Melior or Rohannan Melior in narrative or to Ruth. (five ten, green eyes with slit pupils, long silver hair, albino-fair skin, fangs) Ruth's boyfriend. He's an elf, sometimes called Lords of the Morning or Morning Lords

Naomi Naismith (Ruth's friend from the last book, now dead)

Michael Peacock (Ruth's friend from the last book)

Philip LeStrange (Ruth's friend from the last book)

Jane Greyson (Ruth's friend from the last book)

*Ridley Scott (movie director)

Floire Jausserande of the House of the Silver Silences - Cupbearer of the Cup of Morning Shadows; Melior's 17-year-old cousin (violet eyes, silver hair) "the middle daughter of a subordinate line of a House now in eclipse." Jauss to her intimates

Floire Glorete - the previous Cupbearer

Rohannan Lanval - Melior's father (deceased)

Eirdois Baligant of the House of the Vermilion Shadows - the High King, and the villain. Also known as Baligant Baneful, Bastard Baligant, and Baligant No-House.

The Regordane of Line Regordane, also the Earl of Silver - head of the House of the Silver Silences

Rohannan Vuissane of the House of the Silver Silences, Adept and Scout of her brother's infantry; Lady Vuissane.

Equitan - Vuissane's human nurse

Gauvain Guiraut of the House of the Crystal Wind

Gislaine - Rivalen Gislaine of Line Rivalen, of the House of the Saffron Evenings, an elphen trader

Miralh - former member of Rohannan's Ravens

Hermonicet the Fair - also called White Hermonicet; the white ferret - Baligant's affianced Bride

Raven - Fox's lieutenant 6'4" and built like a blacksmith, Long black hair, blue eyes, brand on his left cheek. A sweet, almost childlike man.

Fox - 5'8", pale blond hair worn in a ponytail, light blue eyes, slender build. He's Philip LeStrange from the previous book, but we don't find that out for some time.

Yarrow - a member of Fox's band. Sandy colored hair and light eyes

Hathorne - the man who (unbeknownst to Fox) was hunting Ruth and the Unicorn in Chapter 5. He has one blue and one brown eye, and curly reddish hair. Speaks with a "Monty Python Northumberland" accent sometimes.


The Ryerson Memorial Public Library

Ippisiqua (Queen City of the Hudson)

*The Columbia Library School


The World of Iron (Earth) also called The Last World, from its position in elvish cosmology.

The Lands Beyond The Morning: this is the collective name for every place that is not the World of Iron.

The Historic District (in Ippisiqua) Where the Victorian mansions are.

*Hudson River

Chandrakar - Melior's land in the Lands Beyond The Morning

The Vale of Stars - the sacred place in Canton Silver where elphen magick may not be used; the hiding place of the Cup. About a day's ride by horseback from Castle Dawnheart

*Maxfield Parrish - early 20th century illustrator

Dawnheart; Castle Dawnheart - Melior's castle; about one day's horseback ride from the Vale of Stars. It is made of white granite


The High Road; The Iron Road -- These are both names for the road that connects all the lands of Elphame, such as Chandrakar, with Earth (also known as The World of Iron)

*Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls

Armortel (TM)

p.7 stet drop-devastatingly; it's a portmanteau pun on "drop dead devastatingly handsome"

Central Casting

The Exorcist (movie)

The Sword of Maiden's Tears (one of the Twelve Treasures of Chandrakar, Melior's Treasure, the subject of Book One)

The Second File (please retain caps)

The Meeting Room

Grendel (retail italics to follow style of previous book) The monster that any human who touches Melior's sword turns into.

p.14 stet caps on Library Gods

*Hudson Eagle (old Dutchess County newspaper)

*National Geographic (magazine)

*Life Magazine (magazine)

elphen not elven (as per previous book)

p.17: please retain cap on Magic

The Cup of Morning Shadows; the Cup (retain capitalization in dialog and narrative) - The Treasure for this book

Rohannan's Ravens - the cavalry troop that Jausserande led during the war

Harvest Home (note caps) - the end of summer festival and fair held near Castle Dawnheart

Twilight Court - the Chandrakar equivalent of the House of Lords; it meets around the same time. It's members are called the Lords Temporal

Lords Temporal - see Twilight Court

Citadel - the High King's main castle, where the Twilight Court meets

elphensight - the ability to see a short distance into the future

mud-born - what the Morning Lords call their human serfs

elphen NOT elven

The Seven Houses of the Twilight:

Their vassal lords:

Black Watch plaid (pattern)

p.52 stet spelling 'morthworkers'

tainaiste-Cup - the placeholder cup for The Cup Of Morning Shadows

Advocate to the High Court

Speaker to the Twilight Court

p.79 stet 'artifactury' - this is a coined word, meaning artifact-ness

p.81 riverine - pertaining to rivers


Since Fox comes from Earth, not Chandrakar, please retain all anachronisms in his speech


Fair Elphame

The rhyme "How Many Miles To Babylon" exists in several forms collected by various balladeers, notably Iona and Peter Opie. The version I am using here is my own adaptation.

Lais and Gestes: These are medieval French words for ballads. Please retain spelling and italics.

p.28 retain cap on See, second para from bottom

Graustarkian - this adjective takes a cap; it's from a proper name, Graustark

p.42 retain italics on pfennig; retain spelling on 'holpen'

p.65 arse not ass


December 24, 18 months or so after the end of the last book: Ruth falls through a mousehole into Faery in the basement of the library. At the beginning of the story, Ruth has been at the Ryerson for three months.

In Chandrakar, in the first scene, it is two weeks to Harvest Home